Mutiny Dolls

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Motorcycles. Tattoos. Rock Stars. Sisterhood.

Each book is a standalone love story. While the series is chronological, and each book builds on the previous, they can be read out of order.

Every Last Mile: Book One

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Eight years ago, Jaime pushed her away and left town.

Stella Krasinski is miles away from the night her childhood best friend broke her open. Her tattoo shop is a success, her motorcycle is ready to ride, and she’s a Mutiny Doll: a sisterhood of friends who will always have her back. She’s smashed all her insecurities, but there’s one person who could bring them back…or help her eradicate them for good.

Now he’s back for good…and pulling Stella in tight.

Jaime Burkett was warned, but he still isn’t prepared for what Stella has become. History and friends give them common ground for a fresh start, but one kiss and his plans to take it slow are left in the dust. He knows there’s hell to pay for the damage he did – and that Stella won’t hesitate collect.

Can one night be so good she’ll give him a chance to be her man?

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In Too Deep: Book Two

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If only she’d met Theo first.

Maya Hinley has a thing for bad boy rockers. But the one she dated in college isn’t the one that got away, it was his younger brother. With her dream radio job waiting for her on the other coast, it’s the worst time for the brothers’ new band to show up at her favorite bar. But Maya’s a Mutiny Doll, and they don’t let a second chance pass them by.

The only rule he’s never broken…until Maya.

Theo Nichols never met a rule he didn’t break, except the one about not betraying the only family he’s ever had, his brother. They’re finally clean and rocking again, but Theo’s permanently damaged voice has him thinking about going behind the scenes instead of up the charts. Maya is a distraction he’s wanted for years…and a complication he should avoid, especially when the Mutiny Dolls start feeling like family too.

If he follows her, what will he leave behind?

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