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The Mutiny Dolls

For the Mutiny Dolls, life is all about tattoos, motorcycles and rock and roll. In their small town, everyone gets a second chance to start over, fall in love with their best friend, and dance on the bar on Saturday night.

Each book has a standalone happily every after. The series takes place in chronological order, so previous couples appear in later books, but the books can be read out of order. This series is available to read for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited subscription!

Eight years ago, Jamie pushed her away and left town.

Stella Krasinski is miles away from the night her childhood best friend broke her heart. Her tattoo shop is a success, her motorcycle is ready to ride, and she’s a Mutiny Doll: a sisterhood of friends who will always have her back. She’s smashed all her doubts, but there’s one person who could drag them up.

Now he’s back for good…and pulling Stella in tight.

Jamie Burkett knows he screwed up that small town summer night. Hoping history and friends give them common ground for a fresh start, he’s not prepared for what Stella has become. One kiss leaves his plans to take it slow in the dust. There’s hell to pay for the damage he did – and Stella won’t hesitate to collect.

Can one night be so good she’ll give him a second chance to be her man?

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Come On Over takes place six weeks after Every Last Mile and just a few days before In Too Deep.

The hard part came after the happily ever after.

It was good — almost too good. But Stella Krasinski can’t stop the tally running in her head and it’s making her anxiety spike. When Jamie asks her for a tattoo of the gargoyle he carved for her, she’s forced to face the truth: if their relationship doesn’t work, she’s lost him forever.

He isn’t going anywhere.

Jamie Burkett knows her as well as his favorite chisel. She has to work out if he’s made up for running away eight years ago, but he’s done letting her hide it. Inking his skin may not guarantee forever, but it’s a commitment he’s willing to make.

Can one night really turn into happily ever after?



If only she’d met Theo first.

Maya Hinley has a thing for bad boy rockers. But the one she dated in college isn’t the one that got away, it was his younger brother. With her dream radio job waiting for her on the other coast, it’s the worst time for the brothers’ new band to show up at her favorite bar. But Maya’s a Mutiny Doll, and they don’t let a second chance pass them by.

The only rule he’s never broken…until Maya.

Theo Nichols never met a rule he didn’t break, except the one about not betraying the only family he’s ever had, his brother. They’re finally clean and rocking again, but Theo’s permanently damaged voice has him thinking about going behind the scenes instead of up the charts. Maya is a distraction he’s wanted for years…and a complication he should avoid, especially when the Mutiny Dolls start feeling like family too.

If he follows her, will he gain more than he leaves behind?

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Must Love Rock Stars

Rock hard with Bourbon Suicide! These boys are known for being over the top – both on stage and in the sheets…or the green room…or the tour bus…or the pool… The kind of guys any smart women would have a little fun with and move along. But these guys know about loyalty, to each other and the extended family they’ve created. And once they fall in love, they prove that sometimes, you just gotta love rock stars.

Each book has a standalone happily every after. The series takes place in chronological order, so previous couples appear in later books, but the books can be read out of order.

Thousands of people scream Grady Baker’s name every night, but Evie Pearson won’t even look at him.

Building a rock and roll empire isn’t easy, but Bourbon Suicide is doing it with every sold-out concert, platinum album, and smart business decision. The son of an eighties rock band singer and a video vixen, Grady knows how to play the part, if he can just avoid the burnout.

Combine chemicals, detonate, get a beautiful effect…or burned to the bone.

While Grady was skateboarding naked, Evie was putting herself through a technical theater program by working at a fireworks company. A woman in a man’s world, she can handle the pyro and out-swear the other roadies, but one misstep can have her doing corporate picnics. A rock tour is unlike any office on earth, but sex with the client is still a bad idea.

The arrogant rock star persona hides a man who wants to take care of the people he loves. He shows that side far less often than he does his back dimples, but once Evie sees it, enemies quickly become friends, then lovers. As she gets further and further into their world, Evie finds a family she never expected.

Grady, the man, would do anything to keep his fire woman. Grady Baker, rock star, could cost Evie her career. And their empire.



All good graves must come to an end…
Assassin Penelope always follows her gut. Left for dead by her traitorous vampire lover and a power-hungry dark lord, she’s spent five centuries hiding in one small cemetery after another. But she cannot ignore a summons from the Council. The order-a sanctioned execution of the dark lord…and her ex-lover.

Sending Penelope to the grave wasn’t the first hard choice Galen made for survival. It was the first he made for someone else’s. Blinded and tortured for allowing her escape, he negotiated for his life, all the while planning for redemption and revenge.

At his villa in the Greek islands, chemistry re-ignites. She suspects he’s hiding part of his plan for destroying the dark lord feeding off the power of grave shifters, but her gut says trust him. Galen’s feelings for the clumsy, foul-mouthed Penelope never fade. But can he earn her forgiveness for what he’s going to do next?